Steven E. Warren M.D., Ph.D

Steve Warren MD is a triple board physician who has practiced for over 35 years. He completed medical school at George Washington University and then finished a family medicine residency and preventive medicine residency. He has practiced as a rural medicine physician, a geriatric physician, and an addiction specialist. He is currently a regenerative/longevity physician focusing on genomics (DNA and epigenetics) and determining the root cause of chronic illnesses.

As a rural physician with limited resources, Dr. Warren would use methylene blue to reduce inflammation for traumatic brain injury patients. He started implementing methylene blue in his current practice when his clinic saw a significant increase of patients with chronic fatigue and brain fog. The methylene blue treatment had tremendous results. That when he recognized the opportunity to create affordable, easy to use, methylene blue supplements. 

He is using cutting-edge stem cell procedures, peptides, hormone therapies, IV nutrition, etc. He and his wife run Regenerative Wellness Center  in Holladay, UT combining personalized medicine with aesthetics. He is devoted to improving his patients health span. He and his wife are committed to helping their patients to look and feel great!